Summer time….

…and while the living may be easy, the writing sure isn’t! Why? Because I now have a house full of kids, not all of them mine! But this time, I was prepared. I have learned over the past couple of years that, while I can (usually) produce the web content I write for pay while surrounded by tattling, demands for popsicles, long expositions of pokemon plots and the blip of video games, I cannot write anything that requires any emotional engagement; in fact, I can’t do that if anyone else is in the room. Initially, I found this frustrating, and was more than a little grumpy and resentful about it. But then I reminded myself that, after all, this was the family I wanted, so perhaps I should grow up some and come up with a workable solution. Because I quickly learned that my ability to meet job deadline was going to be seriously affected by the aforementioned popsicle requests, I knew that I was not going to be able to write my fiction at night. Instead, I was going to have to go on hiatus. This has ended up being very beneficial. WIP 2 requires some extensive historical research, which is quite possible to conduct when lightsabres are clashing all around you. I also need to rethink the problematic plot for WIP1, and decide, once and for all, how much WIP 2’s subplot can carry the book (making it no longer a subplot). This is all fun stuff, stuff I can do any time, any place, and under almost any circumstances. Then, come mid-August, all three children will be in school all day, for the first time ever. By then, summer’s percolation will be complete, and the new ideas ready to pour onto the page.


About leahguinn

I'm a 50-something wife, mother, and writer who blogs about Sherlockian pastiche instead of putting away the laundry. So many books! So little time!
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